Ted DeCagna has been called upon numerous times to shoot construction site defects and problems.  Ted’s photographs have been used as critical evidence photography to win major law suits.

One Princeton educational company hired a major construction company to build a state-of-the-art (Home Depot) sized building for their educational needs. After the installation of dozens of huge windows in this contemporary glass building, subtle defects were discovered in the glass with many, but not all windows.  The defect itself was visible but very nuanced, and in many cases changed depending on the temperature and angle of the sun. In laymen’s terms, many of the interior of the windows appeared to have a rippling, plastic visual inside the windows, and was very noticeable and disturbing depending on how the light struck the windows. This defect was very obvious especially when dark outside. Ted was asked to photograph over 350 windows over a four day period in extreme weather conditions: cold, wind and darkness. The visual defects varied. Ted’s final photos were so dramatic and effective at capturing the defects that the law suit was settled quickly before even going to court!

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