Do you have a boring looking product that seems impossible to make look good? Ted DeCagna recently accepted the challenge of shooting industrial, premium quality screws and washers and was asked to capture every nuance and subtle detail of each screw since the current web site photos where causing many problems with customers who could not see the details such as square head pan screws vs Philips head and many other subtle variations of screws Ford Fasteners makes.  Ted used several micro lights in addition to the usual studio lighting to highlight the many delicate features of each unique screw and create dramatic contrast. 

In addition, Ted suspended the screws in midair using fish cord to avoid the boring “flat on the table look”.  This meticulously prepared suspension of each screw allowed the flexibility to show two different interesting facets of all screws that needed to show two angles.  Finally, after silhouetting out the fish cord and unwanted shadows that were created by using bright micro lights, Ted added bright gradient colored backgrounds to each product shot to add even more zest to the product shots and help differentiate the many different types of screws Ford Fasteners manufactures. This was extremely helpful since so many screws look so similar.  So, if you have a dull looking product, why settle for boring product photography when Ted’s 23 years of experience can enable him to deliver exciting product photography that will pop off your web site or brochure and sell more products!