Meet Ted DeCagna, Award-Winning Photographer / Graphic Designer

Ted DeCagna has 24 years experience shooting photography that covers a wide realm of fields: real estate and architecture, construction sites, interiors, transportation, products, medical and company business portraits.  Ted has a BFA Degree from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York where he studied Graphic Design and Photography. Pratt is the nations largest design college and considered one of the best for design and photography.

Ted brings his photographic and lighting expertise to every assignment and location, and can render special effects and beautifully composed images. He offers location scouting and directing as well to ensure your photos tell your story as strongly as possible. When it comes to selling your product or service, or marketing your property or your company, a compelling image is truly worth a thousand words—and can really make the sale. Ted DeCagna’s dynamic photography captures your audience’s attention with an expert eye.

Professional  award-winning Photographer / Graphic Designer

Another factor when you hire Ted DeCagna for your professional location and product photography: Ted’s creativity behind the camera is equally matched by his award-winning graphic design and art direction. His photos can be seen on the many brochures, ads, websites and product packages that he’s designed over his 27 years as a graphic designer.  Ted’s 5 Photography awards include a bronze medal winner from the Art Directors Club of NJ, of a major trucking companies tractor trailer on the George Washington Bridge can be viewed on the home page of this web site.

Ted’s 39 graphic design awards gives him the unique advantage of being able to do more than merely capture the essential image through the camera lens; Ted can also envision just what kind of image is perfect for artistic and communication purposes. He knows how that photograph can most perfectly fit into the ideal layout to bring your company web site, brochure or product image to your market

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