Evidence and Storm Damage Photography

Photography for Litigation Evidence

Ted DeCagna has been shooting professional evidence photography and video for major law firms and construction companies in New Jersey since 2015.  Ted has been hired by a major Princeton law firm, Pepper Hamilton, to shoot several major sites including ETS building in Princeton NJ. Ted’s job was to capture and document over 320 defective windows in their massive new building in Princeton, NJ.  The window defects where subtle and nuanced in many cases. Ted shot several hundred special exposures, day and night to capture the ripple-like defects in the brand-new windows. Ted’s photos were considered of such high quality that convincing the company about the problem made it a very easy recovery of costs without the need for very expensive litigation. See clients actual review below.

Another recent job for another major construction company was to document the massive falling concrete slabs on an overpass bridge near Newark International Airport. The photos were used as photographic evidence of substantial bridge damages prior to repair work being performed.

These crystal clear, valuable photos are often used to dispute any questions or challenges about what the conditions were like before restoration.


Ted Hired After Super Storm Sandy and 2019 Verrazano Bridge Restoration

Ted was hired by a major Cranford, marine and land construction company, Simpson and Brown to document boardwalk damage days after Super Storm Sandy in Belmar, Asbury and Allenhurst NJ.  These photos were used to show dramatic before and after photos of  boardwalks made by Simpson and Brown who uses superior building techniques that showed very minimal storm damage as opposed to total destruction of more cost effectively constructed boardwalks in New Jersey.

Spring & Summer 2019, Ted DeCagna has recently been hired by another major construction company, Kiewit Construction to shoot hundreds of photos of the Verrazano Bridge to document existing deteriorating conditions of pedestal granite, metal, elevators, elevator shafts and engine rooms in the 55-year-old famous bridge.

Professional Evidence photography has proven to be extremely valuable documentation for any case or to prevent a major law suit.  Ted DeCagna has the skills and experience to capture any damage or document existing conditions.




Client Photography Review , April 2015

Please allow me to tell you about my Firm’s experience with Ted DeCagna Photography for litigation support.  We were lucky enough to locate Ted on very short notice in 2014, as our client’s project was halted due to the discovery of widespread problems with an interior component of the glass panels covering the exterior of each elevation of the new building being constructed.  The panels had to be taken down and replaced with the least amount of impact possible to the project schedule.  We hired Ted because we needed to have all evidence documented and preserved before our client’s contractors began the replacement work, which was imminent.  The defect itself was visible but very nuanced, and in many cases changed depending on the temperature and angle of the sun.  Remarkably, Ted was able to work non-stop through four very pressurized days methodically photographing each panel under varying and sometimes extreme weather conditions …heat, cold and wind.  Exterior and interior photographs, day time and night time, were secured.  The resulting images were of the highest quality and contributed in a very direct way to recovery of our client’s extra costs without the need for litigation.

Since that first assignment Ted has assisted us with other projects, demonstrating the same skill and utmost dependability.  I highly recommend Ted to others and look forward to more opportunities to work with him.

Jonathan Preziosi, Attorney at Law


Pepper Hamilton, Princton, NJ



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