Company brochures continue to be one of the solid mainstays of commercial advertising and communication. But in the ultra-competitive global marketplace of today, they simply cannot afford to be a compilation of stodgy old ledger sheets citing facts and dull statistics, lifeless projections and cold analysis.

The modern company brochure which succeeds in generating interest and commerce is one that is shorter, more user-friendly, more interpretative, and which displays greater visual impact. They will – and should – be judged not on the amount of statistics they deliver or numbers they contain, but rather on how effective they actually prove to be in inspiring the reader to do something; i.e., to make contact, use your services, purchase your products. Or, if you are a corporation, to buy shares in your company and reinvest their dividends. The outstanding company brochure is one that leaves it’s reader feeling left out and missing out on something quite good if they remain on the outside of your company, or without the acquisition of your products and services.

This is partly achieved through dynamic visual design, combined with the kind of organizational clarity that allows the reader to take in information as they would a good story that arouses their curiosity, as opposed to taxing their attention.
Real-time computer information, two-way television, data retrieval banks, cloud info technology and more has created a modern information glut and actually causes people to shut down their attention capacity. Today, more information is being slung about than people can possibly absorb. In an information rich society an excess of facts, figures and sale pitches can cause overload and stress. Today it is common to hear even financial analysts – who traditionally have never gotten their fill of data – complain of “information suffocation.”

And so it is within this overly cluttered environment a great company brochure still stands out and grabs your attention with great photography, colors, textures and copy.

It is essential that the contemporary brochure be concise, easy to scan and inviting to read. It must be interpretative so that readers can readily access and judge the information they take in. And the more complex the company and its products and services, the simpler the layout and breakdown of the brochure should be.

The best way to achieve this goal is through high-level writing combined with dynamic and outstanding graphic design. Design refers to not only the artistic tool that makes information visually arresting, intriguing and attention getting; it is also the tool that – in the hands of the right designer – can organize and present the information you want communicated in a way that is user-friendly. In short, it is your off-ramp from the traffic-jam on the information highway. It can be your escape from “information suffocation” and your arrival at the desired destination of business and commercial success.

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