It takes a special kind of person to be a doctor or other healthcare provider. Years of education impart academic knowledge and hands-on training builds skill and professional judgment. It also takes a special kind of photographer to capture the essence of a doctor’s experience in a photograph. Successful medical photography calls for a strong eye for composition, a steady hand, and an ability to communicate the empathy and compassion of healing.

Today, many patients learn about doctors and medical practices from advertising, brochures, and websites. For any of these communication media to be effective, powerful photography is essential to help tell the complete story. Well composed photos can relay in an instant the messages that people don’t have time to read. Prospective patients can not only view advanced equipment but also sense the healing touch of a practitioner.

Ted DeCagna has a substantial background in medical photography including surgical topics, advanced equipment, and practice portraits; but it is his experience and skill that bring each of his medical photographs to life. By understanding the intricacies of lighting and composition, he is able to portray the true image of a medical practice that goes beyond the diagnostics and treatments. Healing is more than a series of interventions and the success of a medical practice often depends as much on compassion as it does on tools and equipment. Whether you need to display the real life drama of emergency surgery or an everyday eye exam where time exposures and vivid lighting heighten the effect, let Ted DeCagna show potential patients the whole picture. Call 908-272-5777.

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