Photography is a powerful medium. Although its primitive forerunner – the camera obscura – has been around since the 17th century, and the daguerreotype since the 19th, modern photography has been with us for only a little more than a hundred years. And in that time it has revolutionized the world. The advent of the photographic image was as great a watershed moment in civilization as the Guttenberg printing press which made printed matter available to everyone and marked the beginning of almost universal literacy. The photograph has, simply put, changed our very consciousness.

The modern political and social world would be unthinkable without the photograph. The Vietnam War was the defining event of the 1960’s in America, and the backdrop to immense cultural change and conflict. And significantly, it might have been photography more than even political debate which changed a nation’s mind and brought an end to that conflict. Photo-journalist Nick Ut captured a now infamous photo of a young Vietnamese girl naked, running out of a smoke cloud with her arms stretched and a terrified expression on her face after having been hit by a napalm bomb. Eddie Adams iconic photo – just as well known – gave the world the image of South Vietnamese police chief in the act of executing a suspected Viet Cong guerilla at point blank range. Many historians believe that these photographs had such a profound influence on the nation’s attitude toward that war that they were actually instrumental in turning Americans against its continuation.

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