Picture this… there are mounds of dirt and debris everywhere. Massive earth moving equipment is leveling the ground while nearby, a pile driver makes an insanely loud noise as it sets huge wooden pilings in place for a new bulkhead. Cranes swing loads of steel from a truck as workers in hard hats labor to make the blueprints come alive. To them, it’s just a typical day on the jobsite of a new building under construction along the waterfront.


In the middle of it all, surrounded by an aura of calm concentration, is a photographer. Ted DeCagna is onsite to document the stages of construction for the company’s new brochure or web site. The end product will be a series of shots that not only memorialize the progress of the job but also reveal the character of the workers who make it come to life. There is great beauty and dynamic power in the size, the movement, and the colors of the landscape and the rising buildings.


Ted DeCagna’s extensive experience in navigating construction sites gives him a unique ability to frame and capture the very essence of large construction projects. Whether it requires climbing gantry cranes, riding lift buckets, or descending into tunnels to get the shot, Ted loves capturing the moment in exciting, effective photography. Many companies have learned that Ted’s skilled “eye” for the shot results in print or electronic photography that brings in new business.

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