You created your new product from the ground up. It a was a mere daydream until you brought it to life. Now, it’s ready to hit the shelves and start to pay you back for the months or even years you dedicated to its birth.


You’re tempted to shoot some product photography with your cell phone to use in the brochure, sales sheets, and website. Or, you could call your cousin who always brings that fancy camera to family gatherings. There’s nothing to it, you think. Anyone can take a product photo these days.


Wait… think again.


Crisp, clear, high resolution product photography is essential for the future success of your brand. Knowing how to light your product and position it on the perfect background is both a skill and an art. Ted DeCagna has years of experience designing, art directing and shooting product photography that sells.  Whether it’s a delicious, nutritious, new food product; a toy that every kid in America will want; or a medical device that will save the world; it needs and deserves the best presentation you can give it. With more than 15 year’s experience in shooting products of all types, Ted DeCagna can help you get the results your new product deserves. So, don’t call your cousin. Use that cell phone in your hand to call Ted DeCagna today.

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