In the NY/NJ Metro area, there’s no such thing as standing still. If you’re not moving forward, your competition will pass you by in a heartbeat. Transport-based businesses need photography and graphics that clearly show their companies are on the move. The transport arena is highly competitive and margins can be thin. Making sure that your company communicates its expertise, whether in multi-modal shipping, truck repair, or driver training/compliance is essential to success.

Ted DeCagna has the photographic expertise and experience you need to make your vehicles and/or transport services stand out. Ted knows all the angles of photographing trucks, trains, planes, and all other modes of transport. Lighting is critical and Ted’s great composition ensures that your message will come across. Whether your truck is at your loading dock or crossing the George Washington Bridge, Ted can meet the challenge and get the shot you need for brochures, ads, billboards or any other marketing materials. His transport photos have won many awards and helped businesses grow.

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