Whether your clients are selling food at a restaurant, hardware products on their website, or accounting services, first rate photography will sell their product or service faster.  A picture is worth 1,000 words, and when professional photography looks first rate, it will easily and immediately influence sales by giving a first class impression. If you are an “I can do it myself person” to avoid the cost savings temptation to shoot it with a smart phone or instamatic camera, the results are likely to look non-professional, which will cheapen your brand and image.

Today, almost everyone goes online before they purchase anything, whether it be products or services, and not having professional images on your website and social media channels, will make it more likely that your potential customers will purchase those products or services from a different company that does have professional photos.  Not having high quality images of what you are selling is a big turnoff to your customers and prospective customers.  We are a very visual people in today’s world; especially with today’s high tech mobile device engagement. Using high quality images is becoming essential if you want to project a first-rate professional image of your product or service.

Professional photography with crisp, clean, high quality photographs requires significant photography experience and expensive equipment. High-end SLR cameras, strobe lighting with defused light umbrellas, backdrops, and everything else that contributes to generating high quality images are not inexpensive.  Operating the equipment and having the “eye” to take the best shots at the best angles takes a lot of experience to do; it’s not something that you can learn overnight.  There are so many things you need to know about the so many different aspects of photography that make it worth it’s weight in gold to hire a professional photography company to serve as an enhancement to your digital marketing company.

  • Real Estate Professionals: Nothing sells real estate like high quality photos taken with a high resolution SLR camera with a wide angle lenses or dramatic night time exposures
  • Restaurant Photography: Many people will check restaurants’ websites before making a reservation.  Having high quality food photography can make people make a reservation before looking at your reviews!
  • Construction companies need to show colorful, dramatic action photos of construction work in progress to convey the feeling of an unparalleled excellence in their area of specialty.
  • Law Firms and Professional Firms: High quality executive portraits of the executives and team members are common practice. Confident, professional looking portraits give the feeling of “This Lawyer is a Winner” for clients.  Many law firms and professional firms also ask for high quality lifestyle photos for their websites to show the human side of the firm.
  • Medical practices must show doctors in polished, well-dressed attire to give potential patients the confidence to read further about a doctor’s credentials and schedule an appointment. Most medical web sites want and need to show a few happy patients being tested or with doctors to convey a feeling of comfort.

Award winning, Ted DeCagna has over 15 years experience shooting Real Estate, Exteriors and Interiors, Construction, Transportation, Medical and Product photography.   Ted can make your product, people or service look outstanding!

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