It doesn’t happen very often but once in a while a happy accident photo opportunity comes along.  Above is a recent construction photo Ted was assigned to take at Newark International Airport. What he captured was four construction workers pouring cement for a new United Airlines hanger foundation.  The exciting thing about the photo is the body gestures of the men lifting and guiding a massive heavy cement hose resembles the famous photo of solders from WWII raising the US flag on Iwo Jima.  

Clients have commented that the photo has a striking familiarity about it and a few have mentioned the most famous photo of WWII, of US Marines raising the US Flag on Iwo Jima. This construction photo has a very interesting drama about it and Ted enhanced that drama by using a strobe flash which really illuminates the workers reflective safety vests.  This creates an even more interesting focal point of color and action of the cement pour.  The massive United Airlines jets in the background show the important location job and add more interest to the photo. The similarity of the construction workers poses in action is a happy accident and similarity to the famous World War II photo.

The actual famous WWII photo is owned by The Associated Press and protected by copyright laws. A stock photo of the flag raising monument shown above was used to demonstrate the similarities.

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