Did you ever find your real estate subject is hit with bright sun light on one side and extreme dark shadow on the other side?  This is a common problem when shooting outdoor real estate especially when a 3-quarter view of the building is simply the best angle of the building. You can of course retouch the dark side in Photoshop and lighten it, but there is actually as easier much better solution…High Dynamic Range setting on most pro SLR cameras.

High Dynamic Range photography is the method of merging images to create a final photo. The method involves taking many pictures and then stitch them together. Each image captures the scene at different exposures. When merged, the picture provides an overall correct exposure. In most cases, this process needs at least three images. The first one is to capture a mid-range exposure shot. Meanwhile, the second meters for the highlights, and third for the shadows. Most pro SLR cameras have this advanced setting. It can be a great tool to utilize.

Above, Ted had to shoot this Cubesmart building and came across the extreme contrast on the left side of the building, see top photo.  By switching to High Dynamic Range mode the camera took 3 exposures at one time and created a new photo with a bright, well lite left building side. This special exposure even created a nice glow of light in the sky above the building that Ted’s client loved.   So when you are faced with a high contrast subject situation, High Dynamic Range setting can save the day and helps avoid time consuming post shoot photo retouching.

Ted DeCagna is an established New Jersey real estate photographer and New Jersey construction photographer

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