So, what’s the secret to achieving great wildlife photos? Unfortunately, the best answer to that question is to invest in a 300-millimeter zoom lens.  This piece of equipment is one of the best investments in equipment I have ever made.  A recent trip to New York’s Bronx zoo proved to me there is only one essential tool to capturing beautiful animal photos…that is a 300-millimeter zoom lens.  Whether animals are in a safari in Africa or in a zoo chances are they will not be very close to you.  These animals are stunningly beautiful creatures so why shoot them from the distance if this one lens can give you photos that appear to be taken from three feet away?  Be patient and wait for the perfect expression or funny face as seen with the 4th shot above where this silver back gorilla decided to stick his tongue out at me creating a very entertaining photo.   I shot these photos with a Nikon 300 Millimeter zoom lens which is simply and incredible piece of equipment.  Try shooting animals on an overcast day to avoid harsh sun glare and shadows.  I also try to capture animals in action such as the bear above rolling over in his afternoon swimming pool capturing a happy expression at the same moment. This lens makes most boring animal photos look awesome when zoomed in close.  I use shutter priority mode to bracket to the perfect exposure.  Steady this long lens on a railing , window or wall if possible or use a tripod to avoid any blur.  Finally, to make your wildlife photos really look amazing use “unsharp” mask mode” to sharpen the photos which will really enhance every strand of fur on these beautiful creates.


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