When you started your company, you commissioned a photographer to shoot custom photos or you chose stock photography for your brochure or website. In the early days, the photography looked very good, but as your business has grown have your photos lost their fresh new feel? Old photos can quickly have a dated feel after a couple of years. The problem becomes even more apparent if the photos contain cars or objects that can be easily dated or look like an older style. A ten-year-old business portrait can quickly look dated and inaccurate to the way you look today.  For this reason, companies choose new images often to give a brand-new look and feel to their websites and brochure or promotional materials. Changing your old photography to fresh, new, dynamic images can certainly impress today’s prospective clients searching for your services that can translate to new business.

So, if you’re thinking about giving your website, digital ads or sales brochures an updated look in keeping with your brand, look no further than Ted DeCagna Photography for custom images that will sizzle.   Ted has 24 years’ experience shooting Construction Photography, including pre-construction, monthly progress photos and final finished completion photos.  Teds construction photography includes everything from pile driving in port Newark to shooting runway construction at Newark Liberty International Airport, renovation of the Verrazano Bridge and climbing 13 stories of scaffolding to document the renovation of the state attorney general’s building in Brooklyn, New York.

Ted also shoots very impressive Real Estate Photography including exteriors and interior photography of commercial and residential properties, where he often uses a wide-angle lens to capture large areas as they are and make them look more expansive.  With product photography, Ted uses many propping tricks to suspend, light and make your product look clean, colorful and razor sharp.  When Ted shoots industrial photography he often captures the action of workers with fork lifts in motion, he adds strobe lights to highlight and make items stand out and look brighter and crisper.

With Transportation photography Ted has shot dozens of tractor trailers from all kind of angles including having a whole fleet of trucks meticulously aligned to look like solders in formation. And Ted has shot medical photography that captures doctors with the perfect gesture with happy, satisfied patients. Ted even shoots evidence photography for law firms needing to document construction defects, damage to bridges, poor construction mistakes, defects in commercial windows, and personal injury site photos to document the conditions that show how a client fell.

Adding a new dynamic background image to your web site is a powerful and attention-getting tool. Ted often uses many new vibrant and high-tech looking stock background images to help your company web site sparkle with a more up-to-date look. There are thousands of dynamic stock images easily available that include powerful color gradients, textures and linear light burst treatments. Choosing photos with techniques like these are very cost-effective and can be very successful in enhancing a website and giving it a more contemporary feel.  This is critical in todays saturated and very competitive ocean of competition. A web site that’s looking old and dated in today’s world can be viewed as the cardinal sin for any company trying to get ahead in the competitive marketplace of ideas and products. New customers certainly will gravitate to the company or product that has a look of expertise – just what they want to achieve for themselves. Since 1997, Ted DeCagna has designed and photographed many images and created successful projects using Construction Photography, Real Estate Photography, Industrial photography, Product Photography, Medical Photography, Evidence Photography, Business Portraits and Transportation Photography.


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