New Photography Can Mean New Business

When you started your company, you commissioned a photographer to shoot custom photos or you chose stock photography for your brochure or website. In the early days, the photography looked very good, but as your business has grown have your photos lost their fresh new feel? Old photos can quickly have a dated feel after a couple of years. The problem becomes even more apparent if the photos contain cars or objects that can be easily dated or look like an older style. For this reason companies often choose new images to give a brand new look and feel to their websites and brochure or promotional materials.

So if you’re thinking about giving your website or company brochure materials an updated look in keeping with your brand, look no further than Ted DeCagna Photography for custom images that will sizzle. Adding a new dynamic background image to your web site is a powerful and attention-getting tool. Ted often uses many new vibrant and high tech looking stock background images to help your company web site sparkle with a more up-to-date look. These newly available stock images include powerful color gradients, textures and linear treatments. Techniques like these are cost-effective and can be very successful in enhancing a website and giving it a more contemporary feel. Looking old and dated in today’s world can be viewed as a cardinal sin for any company trying to get ahead in the competitive marketplace of ideas and things. New customers certainly will gravitate to the company or product that has a look of expertise – just what they want to achieve for themselves.

Since 1997, Ted DeCagna has designed and photographed many images and created successful projects for Construction, Real Estate, Medical, and Transportation businesses. He is also known for creating photography that helps promote businesses including real estate, construction, transportation, medical and product photography.

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