Often photographers are given challenges to get a good shot but there are obstacles that are in the way or out of our control.  Recently Ted was asked to shoot a roofer demonstrating a roof safety clamp product on a typical house roof. Ted was able to capture the roofer using the product with a 300 mm zoom lens.  The sun illuminating the top of the house was perfect and

the angle was perfect.  What was not perfect was the heavy tree background above the house and behind the model. It was simply way too busy to make the focal point the roofer using the safety product.  So, the ideal solution was to strip out all the trees and add in a perfect blue sky from another perfect sky photo, adjust the gradient and adjust the cloud positioning.  “ I thought the cloud added to the 3demnsional look of the sky and avoiding that flat blue background paper look”.  The final results are a photo that is much better, shows the roofer as the focal point without the distracting busy back ground of trees.  The perfect blue sky also adds some great color to a rather ordinary shot.  So, when it’s impossible to avoid obstacles and unwanted items in your photos, Photoshop can save the day and make a dramatic difference.




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