June 2021,  Ted was recently commissioned by a large UK tanker company, Suttons International to capture one of their tanker trucks just outside the Bayonne, NJ  container terminal and requested that The New York City skyline and Statue of Liberty to be in the background.  On the day of the shoot Ted realized the strip of road we had to shoot on was very good but the NYC skyline and iconic Stature of Liberty we’re simply too distant in the background to have any impact.  Ted’s solution: Photoshop magic needed, Ted shot lady liberty the skyline with a 300 millimeter zoom lens, silowetted the skyline and the Statue of Liberty and digitally moved them several miles closer and positioned them to the left of the client’s tanker truck. The other very ugly obstacle was a guard rail and wild weeds.  Ted shot a close up of the jetty rocks in the area and used the actual area rocks to paste over the ugly guard rail and weeds.   The result looks much cleaner and Liberty Island looks close enough to swim to. To the right of the tanker Ted moved the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge to the right of the truck which were obscured by the tanker.  The final photo composition (made up 9 photos) required a few geographic creative liberties to achieve the look the client was after but the final outcome is quite believable and Ted delivered a striking web site photo his client is very pleased with.

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