October 14, 2019,  Ted DeCagna has received 2 new photography awards

from a highly respected national design organization…American Graphic Design and Advertising, Ashland, KY. The 2 photographs will be published in a design annual titled American Graphic Design and Advertising 32 late in 2019.

The first award winner above was a recent night time exposure in Venice, Italy of a popular crusty, ancient restaurant called Hotel Marconi.

“This shot has it all”.  This photo has dramatic light contrast, a beautiful time exposure of a classic Venetian street lantern and parked gondolas, classic Venetian arched windows, great color and a very interesting “Rear Window” style look at an open-air dining restaurant where you can read the people and lively active dining area of the restaurant. The icing on the cake with this photo is the impressionistic style of colorful restaurant lights reflecting on the water in the foreground.  While your eye is forced to go to the bright light dining area it appears to be framed with so many other interesting Venetian elements.

When Ted was asked how he got this unique shot his answer makes it even more captivating.   “I did not have a tripod with me but I knew I had to capture this shot when I spotted it walking on to a water taxi”, yes I was taking a moving Vaparetto, (large water taxi).  So I quickly saw an open window on this mini ferry and locked my camera on the windowsill and braced my arms.  That was actually a very steady base in order to get this 2-second time exposure perfectly just before the ship started moving.

The second award winner is a photo of the New York city skyline used for a client’s web site, Scientific Building Automation who does special remote access electrical and HVAC work for client largely in New York City. They need an electric, dynamic photo of New York City buildings.

Ted really opened up the lens to capture this dramatic red sky (not color enhanced) and the new spire on the new World trade center shooting its bright beam of light out of the new crystal spire. The foreground is framed with strobe hit scrubs that add a nice touch of green color in the foreground.  The photo looks very impressive on their web site and communicates that this client services the New York Area.

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