Ted DeCagna was recently called upon by a private construction company to document serious overpass/bridge concrete slab failure and collapse in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The City of Elizabeth discovered a one eighth mile section of bridge /overpass just hundreds of yards from Newark International Airport, showing major signs of stress and partial collapse of massive concrete slabs. The massive 10 foot slabs of concrete were tumbling from the Lego-like concrete outer shell of the bridge wall.  The private construction company who was awarded the repair contract needed an experienced construction and evidence photographer. Ted DeCagna was retained and performed the important task of documenting every square inch of damage (present and existing).  Ted documented the present and older structural defects of the bridge concrete, roadway and walls with dozens of photographs. Ted’s photographs have been used as critical evidence photography to win major law suits in the past. Ted walked every inch of the span and shot the bridge and overpass from low, high, above and below to insure every possible angle was covered to document all damages and existing concrete imperfections.   After shooting several dozen photos, Ted repeated the process shooting video.  Ted’s photos are now very important evidence should any claims of new damages arise during or after the construction repair. Ted’s photos on another recent construction damage site were so dramatic and effective at capturing the defects that the law suit was settled quickly before even going to court!  So when you have the need to document any type of building defects, bridge or structural failings or flaws, Ted DeCagna can deliver accurate, professional evidence photography for your company with very fast turn around time.    
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