Ted DeCagna was awarded a 24-month contract shooting the restoration of Shirley A. Chisholm State Office Building at 55 Hanson Place, Brooklyn.  The 106-year-old state building, erected in 1914 is badly in need of exterior stone and brick and restoration.  Ted is shooting on 15 stories of scaffolding on three sides of the building and roof top to capture all existing conditions and ongoing replacement of windows, stone and brick work.  This job required Ted to take a safety course on scaffolding safety.

“ I find it very exciting to shoot from high heights with the Brooklyn skyline in the background”, of course you must be very careful were you step on any construction site, especially when ascending and descending 15 stories of scaffolding but the site is a completely OSHA compliant safe job site and allows for some very dramatic views and very interesting construction photos”. “It’s very important to be aware of the workers around you and especially above you where debris or tools can fall.”  This exciting assignment will continue for 24 months. Ted has been shooting construction photography for 23 years.

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