July 2023 to present Ted has been commissioned by two major construction companies to be a Portal North Bridge, Kearny, New Jersey, infrastructure construction photographer. NJ TRANSIT and Amtrak are replacing the century-old Portal Bridge over the Hackensack River in New Jersey with a higher bridge that will not have to open and close for river traffic. The old bridge between New York and New Jersey had massive problems opening and closing and was long overdue to replacement. This is a $1,559,993,000 infrastructure project for New Jersey thanks to the bill passed by Congress in 2023.

With 27 years shooting construction photography experience, Ted was selected to be one of the elite infrastructure construction photographers to capture multiples phases of this project including massive cement pours that raise the ground 30 feet to track level. This shots were achieved with still photography, drone construction photography and construction video. A second and third photo shoot was for a massive drilling company that was tasked with handled the river bed drilling of enormous steel piles that first get hosted into position with a 20-ton crane, and vibrated into the river bed. The second drilling step is to drill and excavate immense amounts of mug and rock from the bottom of the hollow steel piles. The final step is to pour concrete into the hollow steel colors to make the support columns incredibly strong. Ted’s construction photos from atop an 80-foot lift captured all aspects of this process.

Ted loves the excitement of shooting infrastructure construction project like this. “ I find the challenge of documenting a project of this magnitude very exciting and very rewarding. This is obviously a very important infrastructure construction project in New Jersey that will help correct our decaying infrastructure problems and help increase the flow of freight, goods and passengers to and from New Jersey to New York.  Being selected as a infrastructure construction photographer helps make me feel that I’m contributing to a very important improvement project.”

“Although I handle many different types of photography, Real Estate, Industrial, Product photography and Medical, I love shooting construction photography and getting my boots muddy, putting on the hard hat and safety vest and capturing the excitement of 14 men assembling rebar on the top of a massive train trestle or documenting the drilling of massive columns into the river bed. This is stimulating construction photography work and I’m lucky to have this type of work. This is a largest construction job site I have every worked on where numerous construction construction companies are working as a huge team of experts to make this happen. Being selected as an infrastructure construction photographer is flattering to be part of this team of experts.” 

Ted has also been a part of recent Verrazano Bridge renovation project and State Attorney Generals Building in Brooklyn New York, Bruckner Bridge renovation, Bronx, New York to name just a few of the projects ted has photographed.

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