Photography is a powerful tool.  Photographs can tell customers who you are and what you do without using words. In a world of short attention spans, this is crucial. But, it is a bad idea to use a random photo you find on the Internet. Firstly, most professional photos are copyrighted images, so you run the risk of a lawsuit if you use an image taken from the internet that is not paid for. This is a surefire way to hold back your chances for success. What you need is professional custom  photographer behind the helm. Why make the investment? What is the point of making your own media content? The answer may surprise you!

Avoid Blurry, Low Resolution, Flat, or Otherwise Plain Photos

Amateur photos may save you money, but these photographs are no substitute for the sharp eyes of a professional photographer.  A professional photographer knows how to enhance and compliment a subject.  A pro photographer knows just how to compose your photo for ideal composition. It doesn’t matter if that subject is a person, place, product or general object. You won’t have to worry about expensive mistakes, and you won’t end up with boring, colorless photos with amateur composition.

Don’t Settle for Cell Phone Photos

Todays cell phones do take amazingly good photos half of the time but a small investment with a pro photographer can deliver product or business photos that are superior in quality to cell phone photos.  Ted DeCagna uses professional strobe lights to illuminate your product beautifully compared to the harsh un even flash of most cell phones.  With real estate and construction Ted uses a wide angle 12-24-millimeter lens to capture 20 to 30 percent more image than your cell phone has the ability of capturing.  This means interiors will look much larger and more spacious which is an important selling point if your selling your home or business property.  When forced to be close to architectural details on a construction site, such as having to be on 4 feet wide scaffolding, a wide-angle lens can capture far more detail and area of architectural details since we often don’t have the luxury of pulling father back to capture interesting or critical details that a cell phone camera would not be able to capture

Showcase Your Brand Personality

It’s always important to capture the essence of your business. You can’t do that when you choose to use stock photos purchased at an online store. You risk using the same images as the competition. Worse yet, photos that evoke an “I’ve seen this before” reaction are bad for your company’s image. Your business is unique – you need something personal to bring out what you have to offer. A professional photographer guarantees your photos will be high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and one-of-a-kind. These photos will match your website layout and integrate seamlessly with print and advertising projects. Stock and amateur photos may save you time and perhaps cost less, but they don’t benefit your business in the long run.

Go with an award-winning professional photographer like Ted DeCagna.

With 24 years’ experience shooting real estate and architectural, construction, interior, transportation, medical, and product photography along with business portraits, Ted DeCagna will get you the results you need and your business deserves.  Ted DeCagna Photography… Since 1997 Ted DeCagna has been shooting professional Construction & Architectural Photography, Real Estate photography, Transportation Photography, Medical Photography, Interior Photography, Product Photography, business portraits, and photography for evidence used in litigation… Winner of more than 5 professional photography awards… You can connect with Ted by emailing him at

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