Drone Video is The Ultimate Record for Construction Sites

For many decades, the only way to capture aerial video footage was by hiring a full-sized helicopter and a licensed pilot to navigate a camera crew. This process was incredibly expensive, meaning aerial video footage was typically only accessible to major motion picture companies and businesses with huge marketing budgets. However, with drone videography, capturing unique and high-quality video footage has never been more accessible and affordable! From indoor storage spaces to outdoor special events, drone videos can capture amazing aerial video footage, which can then be used to create high-quality digital marketing content. Using eye-popping aerial footage can also help your business stand out from the crowd and soar above the competition.

Ted DeCagna Now Offers Construction Progress Monitoring

Drone construction progress monitoring is the reoccurring weekly or monthly aerial video of your construction site that enables us to capture views and angles that are too dangerous to obtain from the ground or impossible to capture from the ground or even from scaffolding. Weekly or Monthly drone videos will record the job site's preexisting conditions and capture the construction's monthly progress and completion. In addition, drone video can be used as evidence should any disputes arise about a preexisting problem that must be addressed, resulting in higher construction expenses. Regular monthly drone video will document your construction team is conforming to all the construction requirements your architect has indicated, observation of the quality of construction, a record of stored materials on the job site, and identification of construction changes.

Drone Video - The Definitive Way to Demonstrate your Buildings

Before & After Construction

If you have an old building that needs a makeover renovation and you want to dramatize the before and after the appearance to educate and impress your clients, consider choosing drone video footage of before video that shows the existing state of the building and the transformation blend of the finished video when the building has been renovated. Above is a drone video of an Extra Storage Space Building in Elizabeth, NJ, which was formerly a National Guard Armory. This building was transformed by A&E Construction, PA. This video, art directed by Ted DeCagna, demonstrates the amazing makeover of this historic 100-year-old building by editing and blending drone video clips of this building before construction and then fades into the colorful finished building completion 10 months after the start of construction. Taken ten months apart but from the same angles, this drone footage created a beautiful demonstration of the building’s renovation.

Schedule Your Construction Drone Project

We can enhance your website video with exciting new-age music and sound effects to increase the makeover effect. Nothing is more impressive than the height and floating camera, birds-eye view of a drone video, so if you’re looking for a Construction Progress Monitoring drone video of your construction site or a dramatic “Before and After” video of a building, home, or construction progress documentation video, look no further than Ted DeCagna Photography for your first-rate drone video needs.

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