We’ve all seen phone product shots that save money and look like amateur photos. Ted DeCagna shoots dynamic product photography for web sites that pop off the screen and communicate a message. Ted was recently given the assignment of shooting a metal chain to communicate a message.

The client web site message is “Keeping Our Supply Chain Stronger Than Ever.”    Ted’s solution to this great assignment was to suspend an extra heavy chain with fish cord and shoot the chain at numerous different angles to find the most dramatic angle for the web site. Ted’s first choice is the 3-quarter angle where 5 chain links are floating in midair to create a very exiting look.  Ted used 4 mini LED flashlights in addition to strobe lights to get all the perfect highlights on the chain.  Ted added the cast drop shadow in Photoshop to give the photo and even more 3demensional feel.

The clients first choice was the straight chain photo above but he asked if Ted could color the chain links different colors to make them even more unique.  Ted was happy to deliver the lower shot with some Photoshop color magic to really make the shot pop and get the customers attention. So, when given an assignment that allows thinking outside of the box to make a product look special, think about how you can position, suspend or add color to a boring product to make it look very unique and you will have a winning product shot and happy client.

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